Hello and welcome!

We hope you enjoy looking around and seeing more of who we are and what we do here at the-church-in-a-house.

Church is about people, not buildings. Jesus spent his life here on earth with real people who had real hopes, dreams, successes, failures and challenges.

At this church we’re just the same; ordinary people who have met an extraordinary saviour.

What connects us together is our love for God and our desire to help each other discover who Jesus really is and how his love transforms our lives.

We’ve found that only in him can we discover what life is really all about and live it to the full.

We are a lay community of believers, and have no ordained priests or paid ministers. Each of us play our part with a caring approach to worship and daily life, guided by prayer and Bible study.

With Sunday services, mid-week Bible discussions groups and other activities, there are plenty of ways to connect with us.

We’d love to see you at any of our services or events!